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Week of
January 12, 2020

               A N N O U N C E M E N T S



Pauline Mitchell, Mabel Phebus, Louise Sievers, Minnie Pfingsten
and Mildred Katz.

Coffee & Treats Before Church:

Feel free to stop by the court-yard entrance doors prior to worship for a cup of coffee and some yummy treats!


Call to Annual Meeting:

The 2020 annual meeting will be on Sunday, January 26th following worship.  We encourage all members to attend as we make decisions and vote on issues that will impact the coming year(s) in the life of our church.


*2019 Financial Statements:

  The 2019 Financial Statements are on the counter in the hallway.


Christian Education Opportunities:

Sundays (9 am) – Children/Youth thru 12th grade.Classes meet in the basement. 

3rd Sundays (9 am) – All adults welcome.January 19th’s class “Money & God.”  

Thursdays (7 pm) – All welcome.7-Week Series on Ephesians (Jan 9th – Feb. 20).


Wheelbarrow Challenge:  How many pennies does it take to fill a wheelbarrow?  Do you know?  I’ve been told 50,000.  Let’s see if it’s true.  A wheelbarrow will be located in the hallway by the church office.  Let’s see how much loose change (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, or more) it takes to fill it.  All proceeds will help offset local missions’ projects.


Want to Help in Worship?  We are looking for people willing to learn (nothing is too difficult) and help serve in a variety of ways on Sunday mornings.  If one of these opportunities is interesting to you, please let the church office, or Pastor Kyle, know.

Sound System Technician (Adjusting Sound when needed) 
Power Point Specialist (Simply put, hit the arrow key when Pastor needs it) 

Facebook Live Camera Operator (just moving the ipad/camera when needed)


Please Sign the Birthday Card:  A birthday card is located on the table in the back of the sanctuary for Mildred Katz.  Mildred will be turning 104 this year! 

Want to Give, but forgot your cash/check?

In addition to EFT giving (see that announcement) there is another avenue that you can plug into your phone right now and its safe and protected. You can provide a credit card number or a bank account and set it up to give as frequently as you desire. Feel free to share the web address with others.

Electronic (EFT) Giving – Are you interested in learning more about setting up your giving to St. Peter’s electronically? No more need to worry about checks, offering envelopes, etc. Let Pastor Kyle know if you’d be interested to give electronically and we’ll help you set it up. This is a GREAT way to make sure you are giving on a regular basis (even if you miss church due to illness, vacation, weather).

Miss a Service? Can’t Make it on Sunday?

Did something come up and you can’t make it to church on Sunday morning? Not feeling well and you want to still join in worship? 

We have the solution! Join us on Facebook live during the normal service time. While we’d prefer you to be in church we know that life provides many obstacles and we want to give you a chance to stay in touch with the weekly announcements, worship music, time of prayer and sermons. 

All you need is a Facebook page! From there, search for our
church page (St. Peters UCC Grant Park, @StPetersGrantPark) and “like the page.” 

Click on the “Posts” tab and a post with the current service should begin a minute or two before the service. Occasionally, we have technical difficulty, so be patient with us.

If you aren’t on at the time of the service, that is okay as well. You can go to the church Facebook page at any time and scroll through the posts to watch the previously recorded services. 

If you experience difficulty, please contact the church during the
week and explain your problems and we’ll do our best to help out.

Do you have an announcement, prayer concern or joy to share with the pastor and/or congregation?

            *For announcements, please sit near the front of the church prior to the service beginning and share your announcement during the opening announcement time and then return to your seat.

            ** If you have a prayer concern or joy, please write the information down and hand it to Pastor Kyle (or to an usher) prior to the service. Please note whether you want the information to be shared with the congregation or kept privately with the Pastor. 


The pinboard is intended as a place where you can find something your looking for, sell something you want to get rid of, or something you want to get word out about. It’s also a way to have people visit our website, check the “Pinboard,” and perhaps check other information on our website.
To have something posted on the website, simply send your information to and Dennis will post the information. Be sure to include your contact information. Questions? Call Dennis Granger, Website Manager at 815-465-6130. Visit the Pinboard here.


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To report upcoming news and events, please contact the church office with details.