St Peters UCC Grant Park, IL




Week of DECEMBER 16, 2018

Praying Hands

Prayer Concerns

In Our Thoughts and Prayers:

We encourage you to keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers:

Stanley Schneider - Prayers for healing.

Devyn (Dawn Schroeder's Niece) - Prayers for healing.

Luke Hamann - (Carl & Eddie Hamann’s son) Prayers for healing.

Peggy Heusing - Prayers for healing.

Peggy Weybright – P rayers for healing

Ken Erickson - Prayers for healing.

Gloria Frakes (Evelyn Bond’s sister) – prayers for healing.

Allison Ohm
– prayers for healing 

Chlora Hyrup (Kim Sherwood’s Grandmother) – prayers for healing.

The family and friends of Pamela Meyer.

and all of God’s children seeking comfort, support, peace, and love.