St Peters UCC Grant Park, IL





What is the most valuable gift you can give?  We all might answer
that question in a different way.  Some would answer money;
some, a piece of fine art; some, a child’s drawing of sunshine;
some, a new dress or new shoes; some, a diamond ring or
expensive piece of jewelry; some, love. 
I’m going to suggest something different.  I believe that the most
valuable gift we can give or receive is none of the above –
although they are nice gifts, generous even.  And as much as it
pains me to say, not even the Love of God is the most valuable gift
you can give.  Although ‘of faith, hope, and love, the greatest of
THESE is Love’.  I’m thinking about time.  It may be that time is
the most valuable gift we have been given and that we can give. 
You might say that that’s not much of a gift, but I differ.  Time
heals wounds.  Time heals broken hearts.  Time with family draws
each member of that family together.  Time is the one thing we can
never retrieve once it has passed!
If you had known that a loved one would pass from this world too
early, what would you have done differently?  Would you not have
wanted to spend more time together – laughing, crying, playing,
holding hands, just being together?  If you have adult children or
grandchildren, haven’t they grown up too fast?  Did you get to
spend as much time as you wanted with them?  Be honest!  The
moments we use to do things that do not matter to God or to our
hearts or to those we love the most in this life, are moments we can
never get back.
So, work if you must but recognize the cost of your labor.  Shop as
you like, but realize what else you could be doing that would be
more satisfying.  Clean your house until the floors shine, but know
that your efforts will probably not be recognized by the ones you
love the most.  We all have the same number of seconds, minutes,
and hours in a day.  Use those seconds, minutes, and hours, wisely
because once they are gone, they are gone forever.
There was an article in Guideposts sometime in 1971-72 that was
about a junior in high school.  Her English teacher assigned her
class a paper to write on the topic:  ‘If I had a week to live’.  She
laid out exactly what she would do with the minutes and hours of
that last week of her life……spend time in worship (good
thing!)…..spend time with grandparents……..spend time with her
‘at home’ family…..spend a day with her friends……spend a day
visiting a national monument she had never seen……spend time
giving away her most prized possessions.    And a week later, after
handing in her paper to her teacher, she was killed in a car
None of us ever knows the hour or the day we will be called by
God from this life into eternal life.  My hope and prayer is that
each one of us will make each moment count because each
moment we have been given is a gift from God,  a precious gift to
be used wisely.  As summer begins to turn to autumn and schools
start preparing for the coming year, make each moment count!

Blessings of Time,