St Peters UCC Grant Park, IL





The month of LOVE!  And this year Valentine’s Day is on Ash
Wednesday a time for deeper understandings and experiences of

The children’s song: ‘Love, Love, Love’ goes through my head
around this time of year!  
“Love, love, love!  That’s what it’s all about!  
‘Cause God loves us we love each other: 
mother, father, sister, brother.  
Everybody sing and shout!
 ‘Cause that’s what it’s all about:  
It’s about love, love, love!
It’s about love, love, love!”

Love in our world is fun, exciting, wrenching, caring, intense, and young love is downright painful to watch!  But LOVE in God’s realm is filled with Peace and Hope and Joy!  LOVE is one of the Fruit of the Spirit which is how we know the Holy Spirit is with us – actions of the Spirit are filled with those 9 fruit and LOVE is one of the Fruit. On Valentine’s Day this year, we celebrate LOVE – the deep kind, symbolized by sackcloth and ashes and the
Sacrament of Holy Communion.  God’s LOVE is able to wait for us to become aware of our need for healing and forgiveness, mercy and grace.  God’s LOVE is able to see all we can become when we allow LOVE to remold us.  God’s LOVE is able to heal and forgive anything and everything when we ask for it – and sometimes even when we don’t!  God’s LOVE costs us nothing
and provides for every need we could possibly have.  God’s LOVE is stronger than fear and hatred and even violence!  God’s LOVE is never-ending and is always for all of Creation! 
We celebrate human love on Valentine’s Day, but we go deep into
God’s presence and everlasting LOVE on Ash Wednesday.  Come
join us for Ash Wednesday service at 7pm in the sanctuary! 
Everyone is welcome, so bring a friend who needs LOVE. 
As we begin the Lenten Journey, may you draw near to God’s
Redeeming LOVE!