St Peters UCC Grant Park, IL





                                               June 2018

June has arrived and with it warm and sometime turbulent weather! 
But also, new Graduates are out and about, having completed 8,
12, 16 or 18+ years of formal schooling!  That’s a LOT of knowledge!  And sometime folks will stop there.  But for many, now begins the equally difficult work of transforming knowledge into wisdom.  There is a difference you know!

Knowledge:  Information which brings understanding – it’s why we memorize scriptures so that we know them.  But knowing a scripture or a fact means we can recall it, but wisdom requires that we know the right time and the right application of knowledge so that it is useful in life and in faith.
Wisdom:  Using what we know in appropriate and helpful ways; also, an internal sense of what is right and good and what is wrong and needs changing.  It is learning from our mistakes. Think for a moment.  The number of pieces of information in your brain is incredible, making each one an awesome masterpiece of Creation by our God.  But knowing all the information in the world will not be helpful if we don’t know how to use it.  Even more simply, I can read the instructions about how to put together a
computer program – but all those words and all those pictures are useless because none of it makes sense to me!  I’m getting ready to give away the laptop I purchased in January because I can’t find any of my programs and I can’t make it function properly.  I read the words and they might as well be ancient sand script!  It’s just not going to happen! 

So we have 4 young people who have just Confirmed their faith in the time honored process and did an excellent job!  They learned all sorts of information, memorized the Books of the Bible, the 10 Commandments, the Beattitudes.  They researched the Books of the Bible through the Bible Project on line (boy I wish I’d had THAT in seminary!) and they have learned how to put together a worship service!  Good on them!

And now?  Now begins the difficult process of learning how to use
all that good and faithful information to make the world, their
world, a better place to live and move and have being.  And that
takes experiences – good and challenging – that will require them
to recall all that they have learned and to use that knowledge to get
through those challenges that life will present to them.  They know
the steps to take before praying, they know the kinds of prayers to
pray.  Now they will be called upon for the rest of their lives to use
what they know for the good of all people out of the love they have
for all of God’s created beings.

They have been blessed with love and given knowledge beyond anything I could have dreamed of when I was in Confirmation. Yet there is one thing that you and I know with certainty….they will be challenged!  They will be tried in the fires of loss and grief and decision making and workforce relationships and life in the world of the future.  We have the understanding and the faith to share with them what has been helpful for us to continue following God’s pathway.  Now it’s our job to help them through the briars
and brambles on that path.  If they are lucky, they will be able, someday, to do the same for the Confirmation Class of 2040!

May our faith and our lives be good examples for those who follow us that their lives and faith might be good examples for those who follow them! 


Be safe this summer and remember church is now at 9:30am!